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When unwanted wildlife starts making your home, their home – it’s time to schedule an inspection with a professional wildlife removal company. Atlanta Environmental Pest Services is a local, family owned option that has been in business, serving Woodstock, Georgia, since 1992. We are proud to be members of both the Georgia Pest Control Association and the Certified Pest Control Operators of Georgia

Schedule your wildlife removal service with us for your home or office building in Woodstock, Georgia. We’ll send a certified technician to your property to perform our initial inspection. They’ll scan for entry points and get to work removing any animals in question. Together, with our exclusion service, your property will be free from wild animals shortly after our inspection is complete. 

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What Damage Can Wildlife Create In A Building?

Structural Damage Through Chewing

One unique characteristic of rodents is that their teeth are constantly growing. They combat this by chewing, as it helps to grind down their teeth and counteracts the non-stop growing. But when allowed to live inside your house, rodents, including squirrels and chipmunks, are known to chew on wooden beams and wires. This can create serious structural damage and may even result in an electrical fire.

Insulation Contamination

Wild animals inside your Woodstock home or office will quickly turn your building into their restroom. They will urinate and defecate within attic insulation, walls, or just on the floor. Allowing their droppings to sit can spread disease onto anyone within the building. Some droppings are toxic to humans and cleanup should be left to a professional. This is especially true for bat guano and skunk spray.

Disease and Fleas

Aside from spreading disease, as mentioned above, wild animals are also known to be the host animal for smaller parasitic insects, such as fleas or bat mites. These insects may leave their host animal for a better blood meal, i.e. you and your family. 

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  • Been using them for years. The technicians are friendly. Customer service has always been helpful..

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    September 1, 2019

    Great service good people non toxic 💪

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    October 25, 2019

    Good company that’s reasonably priced. They come out once per year and check the termite stations. They don’t try to sell you unneeded items.

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    March 7, 2019
  • Fantastic customer service! I'd highly recommend this company. Marsha (sp?) is very helpful.

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    October 30, 2018

    We have used Atlanta Environmental for about 20 years and been very pleased. This company is very responsive to our requests, and they work hard to make sure their... read more

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    March 17, 2018

    Been with this company for years. Never an issue. Great small business.

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    December 16, 2019

Residential & Commercial Wildlife Removal Service In Woodstock, GA

Atlanta Environmental Pest Services offers residential and commercial wildlife removal service for our neighbors in Woodstock, Georgia. All of our technicians are certified and trained on how to use the tools necessary to safely remove wild animals from your property, and release them back into their natural environments. 

Exclusion Service & Money Back Guarantee

We also offer an exclusion service, in addition to our wildlife removal plan. After our technicians remove the wild animals from your building, we’ll patch up existing entry points and seal off areas where animals could possibly re-enter once we leave. This is an added carpentry service that ensures your structure keeps animals out.

Atlanta Environmental Pest Services offers a money back guarantee on service. Contact us below to schedule your inspection or to learn more about our money back guarantee. 

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