We can service your home to control a current rat problem, or to prevent a future infestation. Before doing so, let’s learn more about the species and how best to combat these pests.

Rats will move into any structure man builds. We have both Roof Rats and Norway Rats in America. Roof Rats are excellent climbers and prefer to live in attics or cabinets. Commonly referred to as pack rats, wood rats, tree rats or attic rats, these nimble rodents can scale most surfaces and may access your property by climbing up brick, stucco or wood siding. Once on the roof, they will find any small route of entry. This includes vents to bathrooms, gable vents, spaces around soffits, exhaust pipe holes, spaces between facia boards and roofs and just about any vulnerable spot. If none exists, they will chew a hole.

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Rat Control Service Plan

Rat control is an ongoing service. Successful programs start before you have a problem. Know your property. Look for problem areas outside your buildings. These areas may include dumpsters, standing water, creeks, streams, neighboring businesses, and drainage systems. The most common attractant around the average home in America include either pet food or bird seed. The smells from these items is so strong it will attract several types of animals to your yard. Once they get a taste of these nutritious foods they will try to feed there daily.

If you suspect you have rat activity around pet food or bird seed, DO NOT REMOVE the food until the animal has been successfully trapped, relocated or destroyed using any of the options which this article will detail. Simply put, rats are creatures of habit. If you remove their food source thinking they will go away YOU ARE WRONG. All you will do is force them to adapt. This adaptation will generally lead them to where the food is stored, where the food came from or where food similar to it is kept. Instead, call us and we will impliment the plan below.


Our state-registered technicians thoroughly inspect your home for rats. A technician will show the homeowner problem areas, as well as explain how rats are entering the home. Additionally, they will explain what attracts them to your property in detail, and how best to control the problem.


After analyzing the home, our technicians will present a rat control service plan custom to your situation. Your individual plan will outline our suggested steps to fix your current rat problem, as well as prevent future problems. 


Our rat control services are effective, no matter the species. Methods of control include poisons, snap traps, glueboards, electrocution and live traps. Rodenticide is a poison bait which rats eat. Most rodenticides are anticoagulants which mean they prevent the clotting of blood. The material works by affecting different components of the animals body. In effect, the rat loses it’s ability to have it’s blood clot. Once an artery or vein ruptures, the animal dies. This can happen from a cut or when the animal sustains an internal hemorrhage. Either way, it has the potential to lead to a mess.


Rat control is only effective, of course, if the services keep rats away for prolonged periods of time. That is why we value our follow up service after the initial treatment and monitor traps to ensure long-term customer satisfaction.