Mice may appear cute on the surface, but is they appear in your home, they’re no more appealing than a week-old hamburger. Creatures of habit, once mice have found their way into a home, they will do whatever it takes to remain in the home and not disrupt living patterns. Our services look to control mice, break up their cycles, and eradicate them from your home.

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Mice Control Service Plan

Mice control is an ongoing service. Successful programs start before you have a problem. Know your property. Look for problem areas outside your buildings. These areas may include dumpsters, standing water, creeks, streams, neighboring businesses, and drainage systems. The most common attractant around the average home in America include either pet food or bird seed. The smells from these items is so strong it will attract several types of animals to your yard. Once they get a taste of these nutritious foods they will try to feed there daily. If you suspect you have mouse activity around pet food or bird seed, DO NOT REMOVE the food until the animal has been successfully trapped, relocated or destroyed using any of the options which this article will detail.


Our state-registered technicians thoroughly inspect your home for mice. A technician will show the homeowner problem areas, as well as explain how mice are entering the home. Additionally, they will explain what attracts them to your property in detail, and how best to control the problem.


After analyzing the home, our technicians will present a mice control service plan custom to your situation. Your individual plan will outline our suggested steps to fix your current mouse problem, as well as prevent future problems. 


Our mice control services are effective, no matter the species. We handle every infestation in a similar way. Our tools of the trade include exterior bait boxes, live traps, glue boards, snap and catch-all traps. Our technicians inspect the traps regularly, in case one needs to be replaced.


Mice control is only effective, of course, if the services keep mice away for prolonged periods of time. That is why we value our follow up service after the initial treatment and monitor traps to ensure long-term customer satisfaction.

Simply put, mice are creatures of habit. If you remove their food source thinking they will go away YOU ARE WRONG. All you will do is force them to adapt. This adaptation will generally lead them to where the food is stored, where the food came from or where food similar to it is kept. The bottom line is that removing the outside food source will more than likely cause the mice to come inside your home seeking more food. If you leave the attractive food supply outside and in tact, you will have the upper hand in dealing with this animal because you will know it’s behavioral patterns which are centered around the pursuit of food.

Mice Control Options

To control existing mice populations, first consider what services are available. Methods of mice control include poisons, snap traps, glueboards, electrocution and live traps. Rodenticide is a poison bait which mice eat. Most rodenticides are anticoagulants which mean they prevent the clotting of blood. The material works by affecting different components of the animals body. In effect, the mice to loose it’s ability to have it’s blood clot. Once an artery or vein ruptures, the animal dies. This can happen from a cut or when the animal sustains an internal hemorrhage. Either way, it has the potential to lead to a mess. Be prepared to find mice randomly. Make sure to keep them away from children and pets. There are risks using any rodenticide and you should be aware of them.

Mice Problems and Pets

Don’t waste your time hoping your dog or cat will ultimately chase the mice away. Over 80% of our customers who have pets have mice problems. This percentage is significantly higher than homes without pets which leads us to conclude that homes with pets ARE MORE LIKELY TO GET A MOUSE PROBLEM than homes without pets.

You may not get any for a year, five years or even more but at some point, local neighborhood mice will find your home and offerings due to the smell of nutritious pet food. Pet food is packed with more nutrition now than ever as is bird seed and mice are able to detect these food supplies like flares in the night sky. Once found, they will not easily give up and go away from any feeding patterns. Use this to your advantage. After the mice are successfully removed, you can alter the outside food supplies to help reduce future problems but only at such a time that you are certain there is no activity.

Remember, it is always easier to keep mice out. Once they get in, controlling them requires more work, more cost and more aggravation.

Another Word of Advice

If you know the route of entry to your building … DO NOT CLOSE OR SEAL THE HOLE UNTIL YOU KNOW THERE IS NO ACTIVITY. This is another critical part of mice control. All too many times people will unknowingly close or seal holes thinking the mice will simply go away. Nothing could be further from the truth. Again, these are creatures of habit which will stop of nothing short of death to reclaim their home.

Think of it like this: If you came home and found all your doors and windows boarded over for no reason would you simply walk away never to return? Of course not. You would do all you could to get inside, claim your personal belongings and find out what is happening. The same is true with mice. When closed out of their home, they will chew through wood, plastic, metal and cement to get back inside. Remember, they are creatures of habit and knowing their route of entry makes trapping them or using one of our methods listed below all that much easier.