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Atlanta Environmental Pest Services

Our team consists of registered technicians, as well as certified Sentricon® specialists. We have served Kennesaw, Georgia, and Metro Atlanta honest pest control services since 1992. From 2009 onward, our rating with the BBB® has been an A+ overall. Most importantly, you enjoy complete peace of mind when you choose us for service. That is thanks to our “Total Satisfaction – Money Back Guarantee.”  

Residential and Commercial Pest Control Services

Contact us right away if you start to notice pests. In addition, we can set you up with a plan to prevent insects from showing. Shortly after we receive your call, you will start to see results. 

Keeping Your Residence Pest-Free Is Our Business

Atlanta Environmental offers pest control services for both your home and office. We aim to not only fix pest issues but also to foster relationships with our clients that last in the long run. There are many pest control options for you to choose from in Atlanta. All things considered, we just want to be the only one you’ll ever need. 

Emergency services are also offered for more serious infestations, regardless of size.

Residential & Commercial Pest Control In Woodstock

Termite Treatment With Sentricon® Systems

Sentricon Termite Control With Always Active Technology

With termite control, it is better to prevent than to react. By the time you see termites, generally speaking, there is damage done within the structure. We offer Sentricon® treatment options because they work. They are also safe for the planet. These non-invasive systems have been proven to work in over 2 million homes nationwide. 

Sentricon® With Always Active™ Technology is our top choice for termite control. Special inserts are placed around your house to kill the queen fast. This method has a high success rate. Click the links below to learn more or to schedule our service.

Safe & Effective Mosquito Control

In2Care Mosquito Trap

Finally, a mosquito treatment option that doesn’t involve toxic sprays. Introducing the In2Care mosquito trap. This eco-friendly method targets eggs and larvae across your yard. The goal is to kill them before they grow and produce more insects. Once a mosquito visits and leaves the trap, the treatment process has started to work.

Click the link below to read more about our mosquito control procedures or to schedule a free inspection.

Mosquito Control Services

Tough On Bugs - Easy On The Environment

EcoSMART Indoor & Outdoor Products

We are proud to use EcoSMART’s line of indoor and outdoor products. These pest control products are made from a blend of plant oils (Hexa-Hydroxyl), which as a result make them safe for Earth. EcoSMART® products block the octopamine receptors in most insects. You don’t need to worry, however. Mammals don’t have the same octopamine receptors as insects. For that reason, these are certainly safe for your family, and also your pets.

EcoSMART Eco-Friendly Products

EcoEXEMPT® Products

This line is highly effective against a broad range of insects. The costs of use are close to conventional pesticides; giving you an affordable green alternative. EcoEXEMPT® is deemed as “minimum-risk” under FIFRA and is exempt from the Federal EPA registration.

*All EcoEXEMPT products work within USDA NOP (National Organic Program) guidelines.

EcoPCO® Products

EcoPCO® provides the same potent results as conventional products. These include knockdown and killing power with residual protection, indoor and outdoor use, as well as an unscented fragrance. What makes EcoPCO® products special is the botanic green ingredient added in. 

We stand by EcoSMART® products. At any rate, we still offer a full GUARANTEE. There are no extra charges for using EcoSMART® products. Just mention EcoSMART® and we will include that in your service.

EcoSmart Pest Control That Is Safe For The Earth