Mosquito Control Service

In2Care Mosquito Control Trap

Standing water attracts mosquitos because it makes a great place to lay eggs. The In2Care mosquito control trap was created for this purpose. Water mixed with an active ingredient, designed to repel mosquitos, lies within the trap. For that reason mosquitos will now voluntarily visit the trap. Afterwards, they become contaminated with the water/ingredient mixture and transport it along your yard.

To summarize, the contaminated mosquito will do our job for us. By the time the insect has visited other areas of standing water, it has passed the ingredient into those puddles of water. This, in essence, creates multiple traps.

Our technicians will keep a regular schedule to monitor these traps for proper levels of active ingredient mixture. Not only will you see results soon after our initial visit, you will continue to see them so long as we are your pest control provider. 

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Benefits Of The In2Care Mosquito Trap

  • Effectively controls the mosquito that transmits the Zika virus

  • Kills exposed mosquitos and stops virus development

  • Kills larvae inside the trap and surrounding breeding sites

  • Is a green innovation – reduces the amount of chemicals used

  • Does not target plants or beneficial insects such as bees or butterflies

  • Gives 24 hours/day protection

  • Pet friendly and environmentally safe
In2Care Mosquito Trap

How The In2Care Trap Works

Mosquito Reproduction Habits

Although standing water is the prime location for mosquitoes to reproduce, there are many locations around the home that afford fertile egg laying areas.

Such places include:

  • water in the bottom of planters
  • drainage streams
  • street sewers which don’t drain completely
  • rain barrels
  • buckets of water
  • swimming pools
  • drain lines from rain gutters
  • old tires
  • mulch around the home
  • shrubs and trees
  • firewood
  • slow moving water
  • small decorative ponds for pet fish
  • bird baths
  • water accumulating around windows or doors
  • water accumulating from an automatic sprinkler system
  • pet water dishes
  • leaks around water spickets

Mosquitoes need water to reproduce. They will readily move toward moist, shady areas under decks, pools, garages, or simply the In2Care trap. When they do, these areas will, in time, also become contaminated.

As more and more areas of standing water become contaminated, less and less mosquitos will be born onto your yard. This reduces the overall population as time goes on.

Mosquito Control For The Home And Yard

Mosquito Control – Home

Mosquitoes don’t migrate far from where they can find shelter and protection from the hot sun. Moreover, shade and moisture are two ingredients needed for their survival and can be found around any home. In like fashion, these are the target areas for our technicians are they inspect the property.

If your home is on a lake or pond, mosquitoes could be breeding in the water. Generally, they will do so close to shore. Don’t expect to find them more than 10 feet from shore, however. They like shallow water and will keep themselves close to plant life and wet lands when possible. Open deep water which is moving is not the kind of water they like for reproduction.

Mosquito Control – Yard

Mosquitoes will stay where the breeding and shelter areas are best for them. If you are creating a moist shady area around your home, you will be luring mosquitoes. Once they find the shade and moisture to live and breed, expect them to find you and your family for their food!

“Pockets” of mosquitoes exist around most any home. There are no hidden secrets to effective mosquito control. At any rate, the key is locating these areas and eradicating them. This is what our technicians are trained to do. Simple as that.