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We offer different varieties of Termite Treatments and Warranties. We can treat your home or structure with the liquid termiticide method or with the Baiting System method.

Liquid Method:

We are a Termidor® and Premise® Authorized Firm. Both of these products are a non-repellant and will provide you with the latest technology available for keeping your home Termite Free.

Baiting System Method:

We are an Authorized Operator for The Sentricon® System with Always Active™ Technology. The Always Active™ technology uses the Recruit® HD Termite Bait. This is the LATEST in Termite Baiting System Technology. If you have another type of system and are interested in our company, we can convert your system to ours. Just give us a call for details.

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We provide two types of warranties. A Retreat Warranty and a Damage Warranty. Both of these types of warranties are available after a thorough inspection for qualification.

Subterranean Termites are not the only Wood Destroying organisms that we face here in Georgia. We also provide treatments for Powder Post Beetles, Wood Boring Beetles and Wood Decaying fungus.

Use a Sentricon SpecialistThere are many factors and characteristics of a house that can make it easy for Termites to gain access to your home. These such characteristics are called conditions conducive. They can include inadequate ventilation in a crawlspace, Wood to earth Contact and Foamboard insulation as a few examples. A lot of these conditions builders do not consider when building a home as being problems. Upon an inspection, we can help you determine if you have any conditions conducive and how to correct it if possible.

The Sentricon System, Recruit Termite Bait and Always Active®™ Trademark of Dow AgroSciences LLC.

Some services that we provide to correct conditions conducive include:

  • Installation of Foundation Ventilators in a crawlspace
  • Installation of a Moisture Barrier in a crawlspace
  • Removal & correction of wood to earth contact & debris
  • Removal of Foamboard insulation from slab foundations.

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