Wasp Nests

Wasps can build nests on homes, under soffits, behind sidings or window shutters and just about anyplace which provides some type of shelter from the elements. These nests are usually small in size and population. Many times wasp nests are in cracks of wood and cannot be seen. Here the wasp will nest in between siding, insulation and any other void they can find underneath soffits, around gutters and windows.

Wasp Behavior

Paper wasps do not fly as fast as bald faced hornets and are generally not as aggressive. If activity is high, just watch from a distance and chances are you will quickly locate where the main nest sight is located or hidden. Paper wasps are also very curious. It is quite common to find them flying around people since they are attracted to moisture and sweet odors. Also, most wasps have good eyes and will catch you approaching once you get within 10 feet of them.

What Are Wasps Attracted to?

They will readily fly toward sweat, perfume, food, flowers, dead insects and other things commonly found around the home. In fact, wasps can become quite a pest – even if you are just trying to sit out on your deck or around the pool.