We have proudly offered professional termite control solutions to residents of Sandy Springs since 1992. We understand the inner dynamics of termite colonies. Our technicians are well-versed on how best to treat different types of infestation. Our success is due to the fact we have many different options for termite control. This allows our technicians to fine tune treatment plans to your exact situation. 

Sentricon Termite Control
Termite Control Damage Prevention

You Have Termite Control Options

Baiting Control Methods

The Sentricon® System with Always Active™ Technology

The latest and greatest in termite baiting technology. Sentricon® kills the queen and her colony. This denies future colonies the chance of forming. With this method there are no harmful chemicals sprayed inside your home. In fact, we don’t do much inside other than inspect the property. Rather, our technicians place baiting inserts in the ground around your home.

Liquid Control Methods

In addition to baiting techniques, we also provide liquid treatment options. Liquid methods from top brands such as Termidor® and Premise® will certainly keep your home termite-free. These non-repellant solutions are useful as either a prevention method or an active solution.

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Experienced Termite Technicians

Every termite treatment starts with an inspection, regardless of the size of your residence. We are looking for damage caused from existing termites. You will be offered what we believe to be the most effective option of termite control following the inspection. At this time, the only thing left to do is begin service.

Treatments may last a few hours, depending on the size of you structure. Afterwards, we will keep to a regular schedule in order to monitor progress. By the same token, even if our technicians don’t initially see signs of termites, you will only benefit from treatment. Prevention is key when it comes to termite control.

We acknowledge that Sandy Springs has multiple termite control companies to choose from. However, this only makes us more competitive in our service execution. With this purpose in mind, you can also enjoy both a retreat warranty and a damage warranty with our termite service (after a thorough inspection for qualification has been performed). 

Subterranean Termite Control in Sandy Springs, GA

There are three main species of termites in Sandy Springs. The most common is the Eastern Subterranean termite followed by the Formosan termite. Both the Eastern Subterranean and the Formosan termite can enter a residence through the floor. These are destructive insects that are able to squeeze themselves through gaps smaller than a quarter of an inch. They are also able to eat through wood and rubber barriers. Lastly, don’t forget about the Drywood termite. These insects actually live within wood. On the positive side, we are well-equipped to ‘handle’ any species of termite you may be encountering.

By the time you actually see termite damage, there is without a doubt worse damage within the structure. Take preventative measures as soon as possible. Protect your biggest investment with name brand treatments, such as Sentricon®, Termidor® and Premise®.