Residents of Roswell are rejoicing over our affordable and effective termite control. Our professional services date back over the past 25 years and then some. In order to remove termites, you need to remove their colonies. We have the experience and trained technicians needed to rid them from your home or office. 

Sentricon Termite Control
Termite Control Damage Prevention

Comprehensive Termite Control

Baiting Control Methods

The Sentricon® System with Always Active™ Technology

In our opinion, the best in termite baiting methods is the Sentricon® system. This technology kills the queen quick and eliminates her colony. preventing future colonies from forming. This method has no chemical sprays or toxic mists. Our technicians place special inserts strategically underground outside around the home. These inserts will be monitored as time passes by our technicians on a regular schedule.

Liquid Control Methods

In addition to baiting, we also offer liquid control methods. Termidor® and Premise® are leading brands that will keep your home free from termites. These non-repellant options are the newest liquid baiting technologies available. They stay a tried and true prevention method.

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Experienced Termite Technicians

Once we receive a service request we schedule an appointment. We’re looking for existing damage and signs of current infestation. Following the inspection, the technician will offer what we think to be the best treatment for your exact situation. This includes a timeframe for results, as well as what method we believe to use. At this time, should you agree, we proceed with service.

Our technicians are precise and efficient. Treatments may run up to a few hours depending on the foundation of your structure. We understand that your time is valuable, and aim to keep appointments to only as long as they need to be. 

Another key point, even if our technicians don’t notice signs of termites, you will still benefit from treatment. These methods are still excellent preventative measures against the formation of termite colonies.

Roswell has many options for termite control, but we strive to be the only one you’ll ever need. With this purpose in mind, we offer both a retreat warranty and a damage warranty with our service (after a thorough inspection for qualification has been performed). 

Subterranean Termite Control in Roswell, GA

Roswell, Georiga is home to three different species of termites. The most common is the Eastern Subterranean termite. Secondly there is the Formosan termite followed by the Drywood variety. Both the Eastern Subterranean and the Formosan can enter structures through the floor. These are destructive insects capable of squeezing themselves through even the smallest of gaps. 

By the time external damage shows itself, it’s already too late for the inside of the structure. Take preventative measures as soon as possible to protect your biggest investment.  Leading brands such as Sentricon®, Termidor® and Premise® are who we trust to deliver such protection.