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Effective Termite Control Options

Baiting Control Methods

Sentricon® with Always Active™ Technology

The latest and greatest termite baiting control method is here. As shown in the video above, this system kills the queen fast. Our technicians place special inserts around your home. We specifically recommend this as our most effective form of termite control because it works.

Liquid Control Methods

Liquid methods from top brands such as Termidor® and Premise® will certainly keep your home termite-free. These non-repellant options are undoubtedly top of their class. 

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Why We Choose Sentricon?

  • Always Active™ – Works to kill the queen (and the colony). Also prevents further colonies from forming.
  • No drilling or spraying – A specialist will install special inserts around your property, creating a defensive perimeter as a result.
  • Effective Protection – More than 2 million properties trust the Sentricon® System.
  • Environmentally Responsible – Sentricon® uses the first premier bait that meets the strict US EPA requirements. 

Different Types Of Termite Species

Georgia is home to three main species of termites. Firstly, we have the Eastern Subterranean termite. Following this is the Formosan termite. Both these species, as an illustration, can squeeze through gaps smaller than one-sixteenth of an inch. Lastly, we have the Drywood termite. This species live within wood. All three species are destructive by nature and damage foundation fast.

Unique traits can be found with every house. Some are worse than others at allowing termites access, all things considered. Poor ventilation, wood to earth contact, and foam board insulation are just a few examples. Following an inspection, we can help determine if your house has any access points that need fixing.

Some services that we provide to correct these conditions are:

  • Install ventilators in a crawlspace
  • Install a moisture barrier in a crawlspace
  • Remove & correct wood to earth contact & debris
  • Remove foam board insulation from slab foundation