Sentricon Termite System

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Our team of certified Sentricon® technicians understand the unique characteristics and foraging patterns of the varying termite species. We prefer the Sentricon® System with Always Active™ Technology because it is safe for the environment without any harmful chemicals or odors. Experience termite protection from America’s #1 brand for termite control. Contact us today to get started!

Why We Choose Sentricon® For Termite Protection

The Sentricon® System is the #1 rated baiting system for termite control, and with good reason. Whether you have a termite problem now or want to prevent one from every happening, this system provides all-encompassing protection for your building. 

Benefits of Sentricon®

  • Always Active™ Tech – Works to kill the queen and herr colony fast, while preventing further colonies from forming. 
  • No drilling or spraying – One of our certified Sentricon® specialists will install inserts in the ground around your property. This creates a perimeter defense for your building.
  • Proven Track Record – More than 2 million properties trust and use Sentricon® systems. 
  • Environmentally Responsible – The bait used in the system is the first premier bait that meets the strict US EPA requirements.
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Prevent Termites With Atlanta Environmental Pest Services

Implementing a preventative termite treatment is one of the best ways to protect your building from termites. A proven termite plan with Sentricon® is both easy to install and a smart decision homeowners can make to keep termites away. It’s important to note that termite damage is often not covered by homeowners insurance, so keep this in mind when shopping around. 

We’re also equipped to exterminate any ongoing or active termite infestations you may be experiencing. No matter your situation, Atlanta Environmental Pest Services is here to help control termites near you. Don’t delay – contact us today to get started.

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