Safe & Effective Pest Control In Sandy Springs

The occasional insect is reason enough to call a professional company. We have many control services available that can surely help our Sandy Springs neighbors with their pest problems. All of which, are safe on the environment.
When you schedule service with us, our goal is to keep you satisfied. We include routine inspections and check-ins as part of our service to make sure your home stays pest-free.

EcoSMART Products

We use the complete line of EcoSMART indoor and outdoor products. Made with a blend of plant oils (Hexa-Hydroxyl), these products are safe on for environment. EcoSMART products target the octopamine receptor in most insects, blocking them from your property. Don’t worry, however. These products are certainly safe for your family and pets because mammals don’t have the same octopamine receptors insects do. 

Insects are known for causing damage to structures. Before that happens to your Sandy Springs home or office, give us a call. We are happy to talk over your options with you and put a preventative pest control plan in action.
EcoSmart Pest Control That Is Safe For The Earth

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Residential Customer

Mr. Justin Fowler has been coming to our residence to take care of our pest control problem for a few years now. He is a very professional gentleman who takes his job very seriously. Whenever we reported any pests after the treatment, he came as soon as his schedule permitted and took care of the problem to our satisfaction.

He is polite and courteous, and is also sensitive to our cultural practices. Atlanta Environmental should feel proud of employees like Mr. Fowler.

– Peer M. Syed

Eco-Friendly Termite Treatment

Atlanta Environmental Pest Services has a slew of successful termite treatments. Popular names such as Termidor®, Premise® and Sentricon® systems are all available to you, with Sentricon® being our top recommendation. Both liquid and baiting methods can help to prevent termites from causing damage to your home or office.

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Sentricon Termite Control With Always Active Technology

Mosquito Control Service

Mosquito Control Services

An experienced pest control company is undoubtedly the best way to keep your lawn free from mosquitos. Regardless of the size, we can protect your yard from these flying insects. Our mosquito control methods are as safe for the environment as they are effective at killing mosquitos.

The In2Care mosquito trap is designed to eliminate eggs and larva. There are no chemical sprays used. This trap stops the reproduction of mosquitos swiftly and naturally. By the time a mosquito visits and leaves the trap, the treatment has already begun. 

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Keeping Your Business Pest-Free Is Our Business

We not only offer services for residential properties, but also commercial buildings. Pests in the workplace cause distractions and could potentially disrupt client relations. The technicians at Atlanta Environmental Pest Services are trained on how best to implement control methods for offices of all sizes in Sandy Springs.

We understand that there are many different pest control companies in Atlanta. All things considered, we just want to be the only company you’ll ever need. After our initial inspection, you will be presented with a suggested service plan. Following the walkthrough, you will quickly see that our work lives up to our years of experience.

Emergency services are also available for more involved infestations. We are here to help take care of all pest problems, regardless of size or insect type. 

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Residential And Commercial Pest Control Services

Wildlife Prevention & Removal Services

Wildlife Removal & Prevention Services

We offer not only pest solutions, but also wildlife prevention services. If squirrels, rodents, raccoons or other wildlife are bugging you out, give us a call!

A wildlife prevention plan is followed when servicing your home or office. Firstly, we inspect the property for signs of wildlife and possible entry points. Afterwards we provide a recommendation of services that we believe will get the job done. Thirdly, we begin treatment. The duration of service depends on your unique situation. Lastly, depending on the agreement, we will follow up regularly to monitor results. If you aren’t satisfied with the results, we will work with you to make sure that you are!

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Proven Pest Control in Sandy Springs, GA

Proactive is always better than reactive when dealing with pest control. A few bugs here and there might not seem like the biggest deal at first, but they can quickly multiply into a larger problem. Consider giving us a call when you first see signs of insects. Most infestations start out with only a few bugs and grow to be more serious over time.

Our services control pests and protect your Sandy Springs home. We train our technicians with the most current eco-friendly treatment methods. Atlanta Environmental Pest Services has over 25 years helping the community and neighboring areas with their pest control needs.