Eco-Friendly Pest Control In Roswell, Georgia

If your home or office in Roswell needs pest control, we have many proven services that are also safe for the environment. When you schedule service with us, know that we do everything in our power ensure your satisfaction. This includes routine maintenance checks and a strong initial inspection. Bug appearances stop once service with us starts.

EcoSMART Products

We are proud to use EcoSMART indoor and outdoor products for our pest treatments. They are certainly safe for the environment. Made with a blend of plant oils (Hexa-Hydroxyl), they work to block the octopamine receptor in most insects. Don’t worry, however. These products are safe for your family and even your pets because mammals don’t have the same octopamine receptors that insects have. We are able to use natural oils to rid your residence of pests.

Often times insects cause damage to a structure, whether it be internal or external damage. Call today for a free inspection and consultation. We are happy to talk over all your pest control options!
EcoSmart Pest Control That Is Safe For The Earth

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Residential Customer

I wanted to let you know of the great employee you have at your company, Randy Kuhlman. He has been to my house twice to remove yellow jacket nests and both times he was very professional, efficient & friendly. I was very satisfied with your company because of the excellent customer service Mr. Kuhlman provided.

I will gladly recommend your company and especially Mr. Kuhlman to friends and neighbors in the future.

– Sharon Conforto

Sentricon Termite Treatment Is The Superior Choice

Atlanta Environmental Pest Services offers a variety of termite treatments. Termidor®, Premise® and Sentricon® systems are all available to you, with our top choice being Sentricon with Always Active Technology. This option involves no drilling or spraying around your home. More than 2 million properties trust Sentricon for their termite protection.

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Sentricon Termite Control With Always Active Technology

Mosquito Control Service

Mosquito Control Services

An experienced pest control company is undoubtedly the best way to keep mosquitos from your lawn. We know that we can solve your mosquito problem, regardless of how bad it actually is. Our control methods not only work, they are also 100% safe for Earth.

The In2Care mosquito traps kills larvae throughout your yard. There are no chemical sprays used. We end the reproduction cycle and prevent future eggs from being born. By the time a mosquito has visited and left the trap, we’ve already begun to reduce the overall amount of them in your yard. 

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It's Our Business To Keep Your Life Pest-Free

Life can be stressful enough without having to swat or smack away unwanted bugs. The technicians at Atlanta Environmental Pest Services can control the insect population at your Roswell residence shortly after you contact us.

We eliminate pests and make sure they don’t just return after we leave. It’s known that you have a number of pest control companies to choose from in Atlanta. All things considered, we just want to be the only one you’ll ever need. 

Emergency services are also available for more serious infestations. We can help take care of your pest problems, regardless of size. 

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Atlanta Pest Control Experts

Wildlife Removal & Prevention Services

Wildlife Removal & Prevention Services

Our services go beyond insect control. If you are experiencing squirrels, rodents, raccoons or other wildlife problems, give us a call!

We follow a wildlife prevention plan when servicing your home or office. Firstly, an inspection of your property is performed. We are looking for signs of wildlife and possible entry points at this time. Afterwards we provide a recommendation of services. Thirdly, we begin treatment. The duration of service depends on your unique situation. Lastly, depending on the agreement, we will follow up regularly to monitor results. We aren’t happy with our work unless you are, too!

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Reputable Pest Control in Roswell, GA

Proactive is always better than reactive when dealing with pest control. When you see a few bugs around your home or office, consider hiring professionals to take action. Most infestations start out with only a few bugs and grow larger over time. Together, we can stop infestations before they start.

Some pests may even cause structural damage. Through our services and expertise, we can help keep pest problems under control in Roswell. Our technicians are well-versed in the most current eco-friendly treatment methods. Atlanta Environmental Pest Services has over 25 years of experience helping the community. We’ve had such success because our passion for what we do shows with every appointment we keep.