Environmentally Safe Pest Control For Marietta, GA

We believe that a single pest is one pest too many. For those who need pest control in Marietta, Georgia, you can trust our services to be successful. Our focus is on treatment methods that are proven effective. Paired with our environmental standards, we are proud of what we offer.
When you schedule service with us, we strive to keep you satisfied. This includes a thorough initial inspection and routine maintenance checks to monitor results.

EcoSMART Products

EcoSMART indoor and outdoor products are what we trust to get the job done right. They are certainly safe for the environment and also effective. Made with a blend of plant oils (Hexa-Hydroxyl), these products work to block the octopamine receptor in most insects. Don’t worry, however, these products are safe for your family and pets. This is because mammals don’t have the same octopamine receptors as insects. 

Some pests are able to cause damage to a structure. That’s why it is important to take action when you see recurring insects. Call today for a free inspection and consultation. We are happy to talk over your options with you!

EcoSmart Pest Control That Is Safe For The Earth

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Atlanta Bonded Warehouse Corporation

Please accept this letter of reference for Atlanta Environmental Pest Services. They have provided us with outstanding service for the past five years. We are a 650,000 sq ft food storage facility with a very aggressive pest management program.

Atlanta Environmental has assisted us in developing and continually improving this program. Their technicians are well trained, very professional and always available when needed.

– Andy Womack: General Manager

Termite Treatment With Sentricon Systems

Atlanta Environmental Pest Services offers brand name termite treatments. Termidor®, Premise® and our top recommended Sentricon® with Always Active Technology are available to you. Often times once you see termite damage, it’s too late. Prevention is better than reaction with this insect.

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Sentricon Termite Control With Always Active Technology

Mosquito Control Service

Mosquito Control Services

A knowledgeable pest control company is undoubtedly the best way to keep mosquitos from your lawn. Sure, there are DIY methods out there, but those rarely work long-term. We have a long list of happy customers who use our service. Our mosquito control methods not only work, they are also safe for the environment.

The In2Care mosquito traps kills eggs and larvae across your yard. No chemical sprays are needed. By the time a mosquito has visited and left the trap, we’ve already begun to reduce the amount population. This “set-it-and-forget-it” method makes mosquito control easy. We still monitor the traps regularly to make sure they are full of the needed active ingredient.

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Our Business Is Keeping Your Residence Pest-Free

We service both residential and commercial buildings. Our technicians have seen all sorts of problems over the years, none of which we weren’t able to resolve.

Not only do we eliminate pests, but also make sure they don’t come back after we leave. We understand there are many different pest control services in Marietta. That is why we take pride in being the only one you will ever need. 

Emergency services are also available for more serious infestations. We can help take care of your pest problems, regardless of size. 

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Atlanta Pest Control Experts

Wildlife Removal & Prevention Services

Wildlife Removal & Prevention Services

We not only handle pest infestations, but also unwanted wildlife. If you are experiencing squirrels, rodents, raccoons or other critters, give us a call!

We follow a wildlife prevention plan when servicing your home or office. Firstly, we inspect your property for signs of wildlife and possible entry points. Afterwards we provide a recommendation of services. Thirdly, we begin treatment. The duration of service depends on your unique situation. Lastly, depending on the agreement, we will follow up regularly to monitor results. We aren’t happy with our work unless you are, too!

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Proven Pest Control in Marietta, GA

There’s a reason we have been able to serve Marietta pest control services over the past 25 years. When you need treatment methods that work the first time, know that we are here for you. Most infestations start out with only a few bugs and, over time, grow to be much worse. We can stop damage and prevent future visitors at the same time.

We train our technicians so they are experienced with the most current eco-friendly treatment methods. In order to work for us, you’ve got to have passion not only for your job, but also customer relationships. Together we can work to make your life pest-free!