Mosquito Control In Woodstock

In2Care Mosquito Control Trap

The new In2Care mosquito control trap is now available to Woodstock residents. This trap is both safe for your pets and the environment. There are no harmful chemicals or toxic sprays. Water mixed with an active ingredient rests inside the trap. Standing water is a breeding ground fo mosquito larvae. As a result, standing water attracts mosquitos. The a mosquito visits the water, then become contaminated with the active ingredient.

The active ingredient found within the trap is designed to repel mosquitos and kill their eggs. Following contamination, the mosquito will visit other areas with standing water. All these areas with standing water will soon after become contaminated with the ingredient.

To summarize, the contaminated mosquitos will spread the active ingredient across your yard for us. This multiplies the amount of traps we have, in a sense. Our inspectors will occasionally monitor these traps to ensure they are functioning properly. 

In2Care Mosquito Trap

How The In2Care Mosquito Trap Works

Residential and Commercial
Mosquito Control In Woodstock, GA

Don’t let pesky mosquitos kill the mood outside. Gone are the days of ruined BBQs and itchy outdoor-time. You’ll be able to invite guests over with confidence, knowing mosquitos won’t be an issue.

Our mosquito control technicians have years of experience. We’ve served Woodstock environmentally-safe mosquito control since 1992. It doesn’t matter how many mosquitos you’re dealing with, we have a treatment plan that’s right for you.

Our inspectors will survey the premises for signs of mosquitos, namely standing water. They will also be looking for spots to place the In2Care trap(s). Afterwards, we highlight problem areas to the home or business owner, and remove pools of standing water. A quote for the proposed treatment method is presented following the inspection.

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