Mosquito Control In Smyrna

In2Care Mosquito Control Trap

We are now offering Smyrna residents a new and effective mosquito control solution. This method is both environmentally and pet friendly. Introducing the In2Care mosquito trap! Standing wanter attracts mosquitos. This is because they are able to breed their eggs much more easily in water. Water mixed with an active ingredient rests within the trap. This ingredient is designed to repel mosquitos. When the mosquito visits the trap, it becomes contaminated with the active ingredient. 

There are no toxic sprays or harmful chemicals used. The active ingredient is safe for the environment. Once a mosquito becomes contaminated, it goes on about its day. It will then find other areas of standing water, and pass on the contamination.

In short, the contaminated mosquito will spread the active ingredient for us. After that, other mosquitos will be deterred from those areas of water. In a sense, the mosquitos will multiply our traps on their own. Our pest control specialists will regularly check on these traps to make sure they are working and are full of the active ingredient.

In2Care Mosquito Trap

How The In2Care Mosquito Trap Works

Residential and Commercial
Mosquito Control In Smyrna, GA

What is worse than a ruined family picnic due to annoying pests? Pesky mosquitos kill the fun. We are the mosquito control company you’ll want to call in Smyrna, Georgia. We have been serving the area since 1992. With the knowledge, equipment and technology necessary to do a proper job, we are certain you’ll be pleased with our results.

Whether your problem is full-blown or just the occasional stinger, we have a treatment plan for you. We will send our inspectors to survey the premises for possible signs of mosquitos. They will be able to determine how many traps you’ll need, and where to place them. Afterwards, they’ll remove any standing water and highlight problem areas to the home or business owner. Following the inspection, a quote for the proposed treatment method is presented.

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