Mosquito Control Sandy Springs

In2Care Mosquito Control Trap

The In2Care trap is a new and effective mosquito control method for residents of Sandy Springs, Georgia. This innovative mosquito control solution is both environmentally safe and pet friendly. There are no harmful chemicals or toxins sprayed throughout your yard.

Standing water attracts mosquitos. This is because it creates a great place to lay eggs. The In2Care mosquito trap’s unique control solution was invented with this in mind. Water mixed with an active ingredient, designed to repel mosquitos, lies within the trap. Mosquitos now voluntarily visit the trap because of their attraction to the water. In this case they become contaminated with the active ingredient when they touch the water. 

In short, the adult mosquito will not be killed when they visit the trap. Rather, they will spread the ingredient to other areas with standing water, creating more traps. These traps will then prevent the eggs from being born, reducing the mosquito population overall. Our technicians will keep a regular schedule to monitor these traps for proper levels of active ingredient mixture. 

In2Care Mosquito Trap

How The In2Care Mosquito Trap Works

Residential and Commercial
Mosquito Control In Sandy Springs, GA

Mosquitos are notorious for being both blood and fun suckers. In our over 25 years of mosquito control, we’ve never heard a customer ask us to increase their mosquito population. That’s because they are pests by every definition of the word. If your Sandy Springs residence or office needs mosquito control, we’ll take the call and take care of business.

Our technicians customize a treatment plan that is right for your property. We will complete an inspection shortly after you contact us for service. Not only will we look for areas that attract mosquitos, we will scan the premises for good spots to place our In2Care traps. We will correct areas with standing water and point them out to you. After the inspection, you’ll receive our quote for the recommended service. 

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