Mosquito Control In Marietta

In2Care Mosquito Control Trap

Get ready for a new environmentally-friendly mosquito control method, Marietta, GA. Introducing the In2Care mosquito trap! Standing water attracts mosquitos. This trap uses that to our advantage. Water mixed with an active ingredient that repels mosquitos rests within the trap. There are no toxic sprays or harmful chemical with this method of mosquito control. 

Standing water certainly makes for a great spot where mosquitos can lay their eggs. When a mosquito visits the water inside the trap, they are contaminated with the active ingredient. Following this, the contaminated mosquito will travel to other areas of standing water. The mosquito will pass the active ingredient onto those bodies of water as a result, spreading the ingredient.

In short, the contaminated mosquito does our job for us. As the mosquito travels from water to water, we are multiplying the amount of “traps” across your property, in a sense. From time to time, our inspectors will monitor these traps, ensuring there is enough active ingredient available and that they are still working properly. 

In2Care Mosquito Trap

How The In2Care Mosquito Trap Works

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Mosquito Control In Marietta, GA

We’ve all been in the situation. We’re outside, enjoying some sunshine. Perhaps you’re at a BBQ. That’s when you hear it. That buzzing sound flying around your head. You try swatting at it, but it doesn’t go away.

Pesky mosquitos are notorious for ruining a nice day. Not only that, but some may be carrying disease. Calling our mosquito control company in Marietta, Georgia, is the last call you’ll need to make. Our technicians will visit your property. They will scan the area with In2Care trap placement in mind. They rid the area of any standing water, and let you know of additional ways to prevent further mosquitos from visiting. Thereafter, we will determine how many traps are needed.

Our pest control technicians have years of experience dealing with mosquitos. We’ve served Marietta effective mosquito control since 1992. It doesn’t matter the size of your mosquito control problem. From infestation to the occasional sucker, we can provide a solution custom for you. All our methods are environmentally safe – it’s in our name for crying out loud!

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