Mosquito Control In Kennesaw

In2Care Mosquito Control Trap

We are proud to offer Kennesaw residents a new mosquito control service. It is effective and safe for the planet. Introducing the In2Care mosquito trap. This trap uses the natural attraction of mosquitos to our advantage. There are no toxic sprays with this method of mosquito control.

Standing water attracts mosquitos. These areas serve as a breeding ground for larvae. The In2Care trap is filled with water. This is what attracts the mosquitos to the trap. Following this, they become contaminated with an active ingredient. This ingredient deters other mosquito from the property. Subsequently, the contaminated mosquito will continue to visit other areas with standing water. As a result, it passes the ingredient onto the other bodies of water.

In short, the insect will spread the active ingredient throughout your yard for us, so long as it has been contaminated. This turns other areas with standing water into similar traps. From time to time, our inspectors will monitor these traps, ensuring there is enough active ingredient available. 

In2Care Mosquito Trap

How The In2Care Mosquito Trap Works

Residential and Commercial
Mosquito Control In Kennesaw, GA

Outdoor time with friends and family. It can be some of the most relaxing hours of the week. However, annoying, blood-sucking insects are notorious for ruining the moment. Don’t let pesky mosquitos kill the fun. When you call our mosquito control company in Kennesaw, Georgia, it’s the last call you will need to make. We are able to properly resolve your pest issue. For that reason, you can start planning future cookouts with confidence!

Our pest control technicians have years of experience dealing with mosquitos. We’ve served Kennesaw effective mosquito control since 1992. Whether your problem is full-blown or just the occasional stinger, we have a treatment plan for you. In fact, all our methods are environmentally safe. Our methods are even pet friendly. Inspectors will survey the premises for signs of mosquitos. Afterwards, we remove any standing water areas and highlight problem areas to the home or business owner. Following the inspection, a quote for the proposed treatment method is presented. If your yard is overrun with mosquitos, then do yourself the favor of calling us!

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