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In2Care Mosquito Control Trap

Atlanta residents certainly don’t need to worry about ineffective mosquito control any longer. Introducing the In2Care mosquito trap. Not only is this trap safe around pets, but also for the environment. There are no harmful toxins or chemicals sprayed in your yard. Just a few traps. 

Standing water attracts mosquitos. This is because water creates an ideal environment to lay eggs. The In2Care trap was created with this purpose in mind. Water mixed with an active ingredient, designed to repel mosquitos, rests within the trap. A voluntarily visit to the trap is the logical next step. Afterwards, the mosquito will become contaminated with the active ingredient. The now contaminated mosquito will travel to other areas with standing water, undoubtedly dispersing the ingredient for us.

In summary, we are able to turn one trap into many with the help of mosquitos. It will visit other areas of water shortly after visiting the trap, contaminating them as well. They now kill off any future mosquito eggs from being born on the whole. This, as a result, reduces the overall population.

Our technicians are certified experts. The will keep a regular schedule in order to monitor traps for proper levels of active ingredient mixture. When you need professional pest control help, we will be here to answer the call.

In2Care Mosquito Trap

How The In2Care Mosquito Trap Works

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Mosquito Control In Atlanta, GA

We’ve all been outside when there were a few too many mosquitos present. Mosquitos kill the fun and ruin otherwise pleasant moments outdoors. If your home or office needs mosquito control in Atlanta, we’re here for you. We have been in business since 1992 and have the knowledge and training to back our work.

The size of your mosquito infestation generally does not matter. We are a professional pest control company, after all. We will certainly be able to reduce your issue. Our technicians can customize a treatment plan for your property. 

During the inspection, we will look for areas that attract mosquitos. Areas with standing water will be fixed and highlighted to the home or office owner. Our recommended next steps will be outlined along with a quote for service. Given these points, the only thing left for you at this point is to start planning your next outdoor event! So long as we are your mosquito control company, we will do everything in our power to ensure your overall satisfaction.

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