Research shows that 75% of consumers are concerned about using conventional pesticides in their homes.

EcoSMART products are one answer to environmentally cautious customers who want another option for pest control. EcoSMART’s complete line of interior and exterior products are extremely effective against a broad spectrum of insect pests and provide both quick knockdown and control; giving us another option for providing and promoting a green service program. Unlike botanicals in the past, several of EcoSMART’s products also provide residual protection comparable to conventional pesticides. Proven efficacy, unique mode-of–action, broad spectrum activity, lowest environmental and mammalian toxicity characterize all of EcoSMART’s botanical pesticide products.

EcoSmart Pest Control That Is Safe For The Earth

EcoSMART’s unique formulations contain a proprietary blend of plant oils (Hexa-Hydroxyl) that work by blocking the octopamine receptor in a broad spectrum of insects, resulting in paralysis, quick knockdown and kill, with residual protection that is comparable to conventional insecticides Octopamine is the insect’s equivalent of adrenaline. It is instrumental in regulating many of its basic functions, such as heart rate, muscle coordination, feeding, cleaning and it’s “flight or fight” mechanism. Since mammals do not use octopamine as a neurotransmitter, Hexa-Hydroxyl does not target them. The technology is innovative, and works quite differently from older botanical solutions that harness ingredients such as d-limonene, borates, pyrethrin or diatomaceous earth.

EcoSMART products fall under 2 categories:

EcoEXEMPT® Products

These are highly effective against a broad spectrum of insect pests and the application costs are comparable to conventional pesticides; giving an affordable green alternative to the pest control industry. These versatile products qualify as “minimum-risk” under FIFRA and are exempt from Federal EPA registration*All EcoEXEMPT products work within USDA NOP (National Organic Program) guidelines.

EcoPCO® Products

EcoPCO products provide the same benefits as conventional products in terms of efficacy (knockdown/kill and residual protection), indoor and outdoor applications and fragrance (unscented), but with the benefits of a botanic green ingredient. The EcoPCO products are designated as “bio-pesticides” by the Federal EPA.

We are so confident that the technology of the EcoSMART products works we offer a full GUARANTEE just as we would with conventional products and treatments. Once more there are no additional charges for using EcoSMART products. Just mention using EcoSMART and we will include that in your service account.

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