Get Roach Problems Under Control

Cockroaches are quite possibly the most unsightly insect possible. Able to “survive a nuclear fallout” these insects thrive on unsanitary conditions. They live in close proximity to humans, feeding and breeding. When you first spot a roach in your Kennesaw home of office, you’ll want to get the problem under control fast. 

Cockroaches multiply quickly. Left untreated, one roach soon becomes 20, and shortly after you have an infestation. There are a number of off-the-shelf DIY methods out there, but once cockroaches start breeding, it’s tough to hold them back. Cockroach control from a professional Kennesaw pest company is the stronger option. When we arrive, our technicians use whatever applicable method best suits your needs. Gone are the days of these nasty looking critters.

Kennesaw Cockroach Control

Cockroach Exterminators in Kennesaw, Georgia

We believe the best way to control cockroaches is with preventative measures. Take care of areas around your home that attract roaches. Clean out your gutters and replace missing or loose roof shingles. Take care of any leaks and areas with high moisture around your home. Keep mulch and wood chips dry, as these damp areas may quickly become roach nests. 

If unwanted roach visitors continue to plague your residence, trust our professional exterminators in Kennesaw, Georgia, to control the situation. There are many different species of roaches, all with their own unique living habits. You’ll want a pest control company that is familiar with each specific species, with knowledge on how best to rid them off your property. Two of the most common cockroaches found in Kennesaw are the Wood and German cockroaches. Wood cockroaches are found in areas where, you guessed it, wood is present. With this in mind, we target attics and foundation. German cockroaches are found near food sites, so we aim our control methods in kitchens, near stoves and refrigerators. All in all we are ready to face any cockroach species.

There are many different treatment methods our technicians may use. Baits, fogs, sprays and granular materials are all at our disposal. Each method proves to be effective options for roach control. In any case, we will use the treatment method most appropriate to your individual situation. 

All things considered, a clean living space is still the easiest way to prevent roach infestation. Vacuuming areas where food is prepared or consumed is a fast and effective way to prevent pests. 

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