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Ants come in all sizes and shapes. The most common ants include the acrobat, allegheny, argentine, bigheaded, carpenter, citronella, cornfield, crazy, cut, false honey, field, fire, flying, fungus, ghost, harvester, honey, larger yellow, leafcutting, little black, little fire, night, odorous house, parasol, park, pavement, pharaoh, pyramid, red imported, red town, small honey, southern fire, thief, velvet, velvety tree and whitefooted ants.

Their color can vary too and though you might find them in something sweet one day, this same species may be found in a protein-based food a day later. Additionally, ants are both annoying and persistent yet most species do not like direct confrontation with people or pets. That being said, they are still not welcome in the home and chances are high you have an ant infestation if you are seeing just a few inside. This is because ants like to hide and only a few of them venture far from their nest in search of food. These worker or scout ants don’t like to be seen and many times will travel on pathways which are hidden. Once they find a good food supply, they will lay a scent trail which other members of their colony will use as a sort of “highway”. This highway will swell with activity if it leads to something good and it’s many times this higher concentration of ants that gets everyone’s attention.


Remember, most ant problems originate from outside nests and activity. If the outside of your home is left untreated, local nests will be sending foraging workers onto your property all the time. Eventually some of these will find their way inside. Once inside, they will lay down a scent trail to bring in more ants. Foraging ants will first come in, grab some food and retreat back to the safe confines of their nests. But if the food they’re finding inside the home is bountiful the nest might decide to take up residence closer to the food source. This new concentration of ant activity will become a sort of extension of the original nest, something called a satellite nest, and it’s not uncommon for any ant infestation to be comprised of several satellite nests all linked together. This makes them extra hard to control and all the more reason to deal with them on all fronts.


Ant control can be achieved no matter what species you have or where the nests are located. The key is using our “three prong approach.” The three “prongs” refers to the three areas you’ll need to treat. Since it’s not possible to know all their nest sites, failure to treat all areas will result in having an ongoing infestation. So to get long term ant control, do all the ant treatments in all the areas and you’ll knock them out for good.

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