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Experienced Ant Control Service In Smyrna, GA

Ant control is a common pest problem in Smyrna, Georgia. To effectively rid your house of ants, you’ll need knowledgeable technicians that understand their unique biology. Different species have different living habits, requiring a different extermination strategy. For example, carpenter ants build nests around trees, whereas pavement ants build their nests in soil. Don’t forget about worker ants, which can typically be spotted in buildings. Each of these ants requires different treatment methods, all of which are at our technician’s disposal. 

Our ant control methods go beyond the species found near your residence. We scan the area for what could be hot zones for ants. Yard debris, dead vegetation, leaking pipes, and cracks in foundation can all increase the number of ants on your property. These areas are addressed with the homeowner following our inspection to reduce the population. Complete the form below to contact our office for ant control service in Smyrna, Georgia.

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Our Ant Control Treatment Plan

1. Inspect For Existing Ant Infestation

Our state-registered technicians will thoroughly inspect your home or office in Smyrna for signs of an ant infestation. They will show you how the ants are entering your home, what attracts them to your property, and how best to control the problem.

2. Service Recommendation

After analyzing the premises, our technicians will present an ant control service plan that is custom-crafted for your home and situation. Your individual plan will outline our suggested steps to fix your current ant problem, as well as prevent future problems. 

3. Ant Control Service Treatment

We use two methods for ant control, depending on which ant species is at your property, First is the baiting technique. Our technicians select a bait that is attractive to the specific ant species present in order to lead them to traps. It’s simple, and you will most likely see results in as little as a week. This is the method that we would prefer and recommend when applicable. Secondly, there is the barrier technique. Our technicians create a barrier around your building using environmentally friendly procedures. Once the ants do breach the barrier, they get contaminated with the active ingredient and bring it back to their colony. This is where the active ingredient does its job, wiping out the colony and queen.

4. Ongoing Maintenance Check Ups

Ant control service is only effective if your home or office stays free of ants after we leave. That is why we value our follow-up service after the initial treatment to monitor our ant treatments and ensure long-term customer satisfaction.

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    Good company that’s reasonably priced. They come out once per year and check the termite stations. They don’t try to sell you unneeded items.

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    We have used Atlanta Environmental for about 20 years and been very pleased. This company is very responsive to our requests, and they work hard to make sure their... read more

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    Been with this company for years. Never an issue. Great small business.

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Residential and Commercial Ant Control Service In Smyrna, GA

Atlanta Environmental Pest Services proudly offers residential and commercial ant control services in Smyrna, Georgia. Our service plans are designed to get rid of the ants in your home or office and keep them away month to month. 

A few ants can quickly turn into a few hundred, once other ants figure out your building is open to them. Contact us as soon as you notice an increase in the ant population on your property. We are a local, family-owned and operated pest control company that has graciously served our neighbors since 1992.

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