4 Easy Ways To Keep Spiders Away From Your Home

4 Easy Ways To keep Spiders away from your house

While most spiders pose little threat to humans and can be a great help in the garden, their presence is often seen as a nuisance for homeowners. Spiders will look for warm, sheltered areas to make their nests in the spring and summer months. Allowing the spider population to go uncontrolled on your property could have serious consequences, especially if they make their way into your house.

The following techniques are four easy ways to keep spiders away from your home. These suggestions should be used in conjunction with one another, if possible, for the best results.

1 – Remove Potential Shelter Areas & Clean Regularly

Spiders will make a shelter out of whatever is available, including leaves, woodpiles, garden features, fountains, and generally messy areas. They may also make their nests in the shrubs and bushes near your home. Removing the debris and organic materials from your yard will be a significant first step to knocking down the overall spider population. Keeping a regular cleaning schedule of permanent yard fixtures can also help reduce the amount of webs around your property. Fewer webs inevitably mean fewer spiders in your yard.

2 – Keep Other Pests Away From Your Yard

Spiders feed on other insects. Homes with active ant, cockroach, flea, or stinging insect populations are more susceptible to having a large spider population since spiders will be attracted to the other pests in your yard. Do your best to keep other insects away, or hire Atlanta Environmental Pest Services to do the job for you!

3 – Close Your Windows At Night

This may seem like a no-brainer, but keeping your windows closed and well-sealed at night will also help keep spiders away from your home. Spiders are mostly nocturnal insects. Keeping your windows open at night will encourage them to crawl inside in search of food and shelter.

4 – Schedule Spider Control Service With Atlanta Environmental Pest Services

The easiest way to keep spiders away from your home is scheduling service with Atlanta Environmental Pest Services. Our technicians know the popular areas near buildings where spiders build their nests and will work to reduce the overall spider population on your property by removing the webs we find. We have preventative treatment options that will deny spiders access to your home and will work to keep them out well after we leave. Contact us to learn more about the spider control services we offer or to schedule your appointment.