3 Reasons Why Summer Is A Good Time To Install The Sentricon® System

Perhaps termite swarming season has come and gone where you live. So should you still worry about termites? Absolutely. Termites can cause damage any time of year. Here are three reasons why summer is a good time to be on the lookout for these pesky pests:

  1.  Termites are most active in the warmer months

    While swarm season is typically the only time of the year subterranean termites will show themselves above ground, don’t let that fool you. Termites are active all year round and don’t hibernate even in winter months. The warm, moist conditions of summer are ideal conditions for termites. Just because the threat is hidden underground doesn’t mean it’s too early — or too late — to protect your home against termites.

  2. Summer landscaping and yard work can reveal signs of termites

    Know the signs of termites and be on the lookout for conducive conditions. Some red flags include mud tubes on foundations, crumbling or hollow-sounding wood, bulging walls and bubbling or peeling paint. If possible, avoid direct wood-to-soil contact around the outside of your home. Landscaping, mulch or firewood too close to the foundation are common offenders. If you’ve detected some termite warning signs, don’t delay on scheduling a termite inspection from a pest management professional.
  3. The Sentricon® system can be installed year-round

    It’s easiest for your pest management professional to install the bait system when there are no leaves or snow on the ground, making summer a perfect time.Your home has 24/7/365 termite protection from the moment the system is installed, so contact us today.

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