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Wildlife Removal and Control For Your Kennesaw Home

We offer safe and humane wildlife removal as well as environmentally-friendly animal control for Kennesaw, Georgia. Unwanted wildlife in your home may lead to property damage and some even carry disease. Trust our professionals to remove these animals properly the first time, and prevent them from making future visits. 

Not only do we remove the animals in question, we take the proper steps necessary to exclude them from coming back altogether. We offer a wide variety of wildlife control services. These include but are not limited to different versions of trapping and baiting. Together with our exclusion service, your property will be free of wildlife shortly after our inspection. 

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Wildlife Removal & Prevention Services

Our Wildlife Prevention Plan

Chipmonk Control

We enlist a four step prevention plan to ensure swift removal and exclusion of wildlife from your Kennesaw, Georgia residence.

Inspect Your Kennesaw Property

Firstly, our state-registered technicians will thoroughly inspect your home and attic for signs of unwanted wildlife. Once found, the technicians report to the homeowner areas of entry, attraction points, and how best to control the problem moving forward.

Recommendation For Wildlife Control

Following inspection, a custom plan is created for every customer. Each situation is unique, in the same way are our treatment plans. Plans include a quote, timeline for removal and steps on how we intend to control your wildlife problem. 

Treatment and Exclusion Service

After receiving an approved plan, we proceed with the service. This may include any combination of trapping, baiting, or a different technique we deem appropriate. We will also work to exclude future wildlife by sealing any entry points and potential openings that may allow them back into your home.

Results and Follow Up

Finally, we schedule regular follow-up appointments to check on traps, bait locations and progress overall. We also look for any new possible entry points that need patching up.

Rodent Control Services

Rodents are unsightly and undoubtedly some often carry disease. Protect your home and family with a trusted rodent removal service in Kennesaw, Georgia. We have served the community dependable rat and mice control since 1992. Our trained technicians are experts at both removing and preventing rodents from entering your home or office.

Rodent Control Services

Get Rid Of Squirrels

Squirrel Removal Services

Squirrels are cute, but it is important to realize they often cause structural damage to a home. These are noisy animals that will make their home within your garage or attic. Noise is by far the biggest sign that you have a squirrel problem. If you hear shuffling above, be sure to call the Kennesaw wildlife removal company with over 25 years of experience in squirrel control. Our technicians will not only remove squirrels currently in your property, they will also implement exclusion measures to ensure these animals don’t make a repeat appearance.

Exclusion Services

We are proud to offer an exclusion service as a part of our wildlife prevention plan. Exclusion methods seal off entry points and other openings viable to unwanted animals. We aim to prevent future animals from returning to the premises after our initial treatment and removal service is performed. Our technician’s trained eyes are able to quickly pinpoint potential problem areas. Their experience then allows them to create effective solutions.

The specific method of removal will need to be determined on a case-by-case basis. There are lots of factors at play that may attract different species of wildlife to your yard. Fortunately, our technicians have seen all of what Atlanta can throw at homeowners, and are ready for any challenge. Once a treatment plan is in place, we schedule regular follow up appointments to make sure our service is effective.

The first true step in your wildlife prevention plan is to schedule the inspection. In the event that you have a wildlife emergency, call us at (770) 423-7541. 

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