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When rodents invade a residence, unquestionably you hear them first. Scratching, gnawing and shuffling sounds may start to come from the walls and roof. Rodents seek food and shelter from the elements. They will enter your attic or garage through gaps and tiny cracks and eventually cause damage to the property. Once moved in, a rodent will make your Kennesaw home their home – a problem you’ll want to control fast. 

DIY rodent control is a tricky. These animals are very evasive and can often outrun their human counterpart. Additionally, they reside in small, dark spaces, making it difficult for the untrained exterminator. Another key point to remember is that rodents may also carry disease. Our pest control experts have years of experience in dealing with these elusive critters. Their knowledge and professionalism are put on display with every removal service completed. 

Once removed, we want to make sure the problem doesn’t happen again. Our exclusion service prevents this. We look for those gaps and small openings where rodents may have entered you residence. Gauge steel screens, sheet metal or steel wool is securely fastened to block those active entry points.

Rodent Control Services

Rodent Removal Service in Kennesaw, Georgia

To effectively remove and prevent rodents from your property, we enforce this four step treatment method.

Inspect Your Kennesaw, GA Home or Office

The first thing we will undoubtedly after receiving a service request is inspect the property for signs of rodents. Our technicians are trained to look for active signs of the animal in question, as well as their entry points.

Recommendation For Rodent Control

Following an inspection, we present a comprehensive report to the property owner. This includes our breakdown of recommended service, quote, and removal timeframe. We are happy to discuss all our environmentally safe treatment options with you, as well as our exclusion efforts.

Removal and Exclusion

After a plan has been approved, we get to work. We safely trap rodents and remove them from the property. We block off any possible entry points to prevent the animal from making a return visit later in the year.

Results and Follow Up

Our work is not done there, however. We want to ensure a rodent-free home or office all year round. That is why we schedule regular check in visits to inspect our work and monitor results. 

Identifying Rodents & Their Habits

Kennesaw, Georgia is home to many different rodent types, all of which we are able to control. They share similar characteristics throughout. Rodents have large front teeth. In order to keep them from growing too big, rodents chew. This habit is detrimental to homeowners. The chewing results in holes in walls, floors and even electrical wiring. This creates a fire hazard within a home. Left alone, rodents can cause homeowners thousands in repairs.

Our skilled exterminators remove rodents in an environmentally safe way. Rodent removal isn’t something homeowners should go at alone. Even if they are able to remove a few rodents, most time the entry points go unnoticed. Allow our professionals to do the work for you. Coupled with our exclusion service, your property will be rodent free soon after your inspection.

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