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Ant control is a common pest problem in Kennesaw, Georgia. In order to effectively rid your house of ants, you’ll need knowledgeable technicians that understand their unique biology. Different species have different living habits, so then requires a different extermination strategy. For example, carpenter ants build nests around trees whereas pavement ants build their nests in soil. Don’t forget about worker ants, which can typically be spotted in buildings. Each of these types of ants require different treatment methods, all of which are at our technician’s disposal. 

Our ant control methods go beyond the species found near your residence. We scan the area for what could be hot zones for ants. Yard debris, dead vegetation, leaking pipes and cracks in foundation can all lead to an increase of ants. In order to reduce the population, these areas are addressed with the homeowner. 

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Treatment Methods

Depending on the type of ant invading your Kennesaw home, there are two usual methods for ant control. Firstly there is the baiting technique. Our technicians select a bait that is attractive to the specific species in order to lead them to traps. It’s simple, and you will most likely see results in as little as a week. With this in mind, this is the method that we would prefer and recommend if applicable.

Secondly there is the barrier technique. This is where our technicians create a barrier around a premises using environmentally friendly procedures. This is an effective ant control option for Kennesaw residents. Once the ants do breach the barrier, they obtain the insecticide and bring it back to their colonies. This is where the product does it’s job, wiping out the colony and queen.

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