7 Places Where Termites Might Hide In Your Yard

Summer is here, and that means warm nights spent in your backyard with family and friends. Termites, however, are not invited. If you’re not careful, your backyard may be an oasis for termites. Termites only need three things to survive: food, shelter, and moisture. Your home has all three!

Those fun summer nights can quickly turn sour if termites show up. Before planning your favorite summertime activities, it’s essential to protect your home from termites. Keeping a watchful eye on these seven areas below, in conjunction with the Sentricon® System with Always Active™ Technology, equips your home with a stellar termite defense. 

Here are seven places where termites might hide in your yard.

1 – Firewood

Termites feed on wood, so leaving out stacked firewood is like leaving out a buffet for termites. Keep firewood at least 5 feet away from your home’s foundation and place it on a rack or inside a box to avoid contact with the soil. This will help make the firewood less accessible to termites.

2 – Mulch

Termites love mulch because it gives them a moist environment to nest. Avoid placing mulch against your home’s foundation, and be sure to turn or refresh your mulch seasonally to help further prevent termite activity. 

3 – Clogged Rain Gutters

Not all termites live underground. Clogged rain gutters can contribute to above-ground infestations by giving termites a place to nest. Unclogging your rain gutters and making sure waterspouts are aimed 6-10 feet away from your home will help make your home less attractive to termites.

4 – Tree Stumps

Looking to remove a tree from your backyard? Tree stumps can attract termites to your yard, so removing them immediately with the rest of the tree is best.

5 – Wooden Furniture

Keep an eye on the wooden furniture in your backyard, including deck furniture and play/swing sets. If you notice signs of rot or damage, call us for a further inspection.

6 – Renovations and Sheds

Like wooden furniture, home extensions such as patios, decks, sunrooms, fences, and sheds should also be protected from termites. Look for the signs of termites, and contact us immediately if you see any. 

7 – Air Conditioning Units

AC units cool our homes, but they also provide moist environments for termites to escape the heat. We’re not saying you should throw away your air conditioning unit. Just make sure the moisture release is pointed away from your home’s foundation, and keep an eye out for leaks and cracks in the foundation. Remember, termites only need a 1/16 inch gap to gain access into your home.

Choose Sentricon® System with Always Active™ Technology For Termite Protection

The Sentricon® System is the #1 rated baiting system for termite control. Whether you have a termite problem right now or want to prevent one from ever happening, the Sentricon® system is the standalone solution that helps take and keep control of your home.

Benefits of the Sentricon® System

  • Always Active™ Tech – Works to kill the queen and her colony quickly, preventing further colonies from forming. 
  • No drilling or spraying – One of our certified Sentricon® specialists will install inserts in the ground around your property. This creates a perimeter defense for your building.
  • Proven Track Record – More than 2 million properties trust and use Sentricon® systems. 
  • Environmentally Responsible – The bait used in the system is the first premier bait that meets the strict US EPA requirements.