7 Common Spring Bugs and Animals in Atlanta, Georgia

Common Springtime bugs and animals in Atlanta, Georgia

As warmer weather starts to appear in Atlanta, Georgia, so do certain species of insects and wildlife. The temperatures and humidity levels we experience directly affect the many ecosystems in our backyards. Here are seven common spring bugs and animals you may find in Atlanta, Georgia. 


Termites can cause severe structural damage to your home. They start eating from within the wood of a structure and work from the inside out. This means that if you see termites or external termite damage on your home, there is likely much more damage within the walls and support of your structure.

Atlanta Environmental Pest Services believes that prevention is the best defense against termite damage. We proudly offer Atlanta homeowners the Sentricon® System with Always Active™ Technology for this reason. This termite control method is safe for the environment with no harmful chemicals, drilling, or odors. Our technicians are Certified Sentricon® Specialists with years of experience installing these systems. 

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Mosquitoes are year-round pests that make their presence known in the spring. Standing water is a prime breeding ground for mosquitoes, so remove locations where standing water can collect, like pots and rain barrels. Some mosquitoes may carry diseases like the Zika virus that can be transmitted to you and your family. 

Atlanta Environmental Pest Services offers an attractive solution to this pesky problem. Introducing the In2Care Mosquito trap. This mosquito control method uses the natural behaviors of mosquitoes to control their population around your yard, all while being safe for the environment. 

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Ants are attracted to food and moisture. Warmer spring weather may push ants toward your home, searching for shade, food, and moisture. Atlanta Environmental Pest Services can implement a preventative treatment to deter ants away from your home. 

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Bees & Wasps

Bees, wasps, and other stinging flying insects thrive in warmer weather. These stinging insects like to make their nests and hives around buildings, especially under eaves and porch overhangs. Atlanta Environmental Pest Services can remove nests and hives from your property and can help prevent future nests from forming by applying regular barrier treatment.

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It’s normal to see a few squirrels run across your yard now and again. Problems occur, however, when they make their way inside your home. Squirrels can cause damage to your home’s structure and insulation with their chewing and droppings. Having squirrels in your home also poses a health risk to you and your family. Our technicians can help remove squirrels from your building and work to keep them out over time.

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Spring is the time of year when bats come out of hibernation and have babies. They will look for warm, sheltered areas to have their offspring, making your home or office in Atlanta an ideal location. Listen for noises and squeaking in the attic or walls and look for scratches, urine, and guano build-up outside the building. PLEASE DO NOT TOUCH any urine or guano you find. It can be hazardous to your health.

Instead, contact our team to remove the droppings and bats from your building. We can also replace any contaminated insulation. You can learn more about our bat removal service here.


Roaches start to appear more in the spring and summer months. We provide a roach control service that works to reduce the roach population around and inside your home. One roach is not typically cause for concern, but don’t hesitate to reach out if you start seeing more than a few near your home. 

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